In a heart beat, a tickle of an eye
The moment our eyes locked
I froze and in that moment I knew in my soul
It is you

It is you
Eternally I have waited
Just to be loved by you
To see you smile -like you are doing right now
To know that my heart beat means life to someone
To know that I will want to wake up next to you
Eagerness to hold me in your arms
These arms that will keep me safe
Being born again in your arms
The fragrance of your cologne triggers memories
More of a déjà vu

It is you
Seems like I have known you my entire life- a cliché of a statement
Cliché as it is; it’s true
Knowing my thoughts before I say them
Finishing my lines when I’m speaking
Putting my head on your chest I feel your heart beat in a beautiful symphony
Tunes with lyrics so sweet yet so old
Lyrics that say …I LOVE YOU.


An Art form

The harmony of melody

Instrument with sweet tunes

Beautiful symphony


The sexiness of the saxophone,lip absolving

The sweet yet authoritative  sounds of the piano

The closeness of the guitar to the human body

The string, the birth of a rhythmic era


In unison

They  soothingly calm our nerves

snapping your fingers

Nodding to classic beats and tunes


Some say sweet tunes

Beautiful symphony

I say Jazz

Love is a losing game

Love , a losing game.
Do you ever get the chance to say ‘I win’
How many times have you   drawn the line?
How many times have you done the unthinkable?

You let yourself go for love
You quickly forget the hurt
The long hours of cry
Countless  night of loneliness

Love, is a losing game
Compromise, a sad truth
Love unmeasurable feeling
One that make you loose your defense
A catalyst to surrender
Love is a losing game


Take a look at them.
Their innocence is undisputed
The handle ,the leather ,the zip
It’s  perfect
You want to know why women adore their bags?

Think careful,look at the architecture
Well,if things are made for a reason or if they are mere coincidence
Then  this is just my thoughts

It’s like your best friend,it goes where you go
Knows a lot if not everything but says nothing
It knows where you go
What you do and how you do it
Did you smile?
It’s right there staring at you

It knows when you’re broke and when you feel like a star
The handle;a hand shake
Saying ‘I know you know but you ain’t telling No one’
The zip;a sign of secrecy
It safe with me;trust me
Bags,Its like a girl’s very own safe


Sweetest Allure

Yearning and desiring

Invigorating fluid

A pull from the waist line

Like a poster,my body lands a wall

Your hands run through my hair

Like a flight, you land on the rails of my lips

I hold on to yours

Clenching to it like life itself

Pulling away from my lips

The  wheels of yearn and desire hasten

Your lips

Your kiss

My vaccine


OMG!   I’m running late again, where is my cell phone?… Okay I left it in my room. I quickly marched to my room and spotted the phone, I reached out for it and in a split of a second I  headed for the door. I hurriedly walked past a mirror, with the right amount of light, my pupil captured and focused an image (more of a reflection) on to my retina .My eyes had just ensnared the most simple and ordinary image  and had made it extraordinary. I  slowly recounted my steps, to take a good look at what seemed like a reflection. I was stunned.

Jaw dropped, I stood like a manikin waiting to wear the perfect dress. The image that stared back at me was undoubtedly ordinary yet like many little things in life I had never attached much importance to it. What took me my years on earth and a second to realize has taken others a lifetime. It’s amazing the power the image possessed. For the first time I saw a stranger ; someone who has been there my whole life, not once have I been somewhere without. My hands stretched out to examine the reality of what the eyes had seem. Yes! It is not supernatural   but within the physical and could be apprehend by the mind. A beautiful image   with  intelligence and uniqueness.

What I   stare at, your eyes have stared at a thousand time.

It’s everything you are, it is the shell in which you live, try to change it and you will only become a slave to yourself. You know how it feels when you go searching for something your whole life only to realize it’s been with you the whole time. Yes! Exactly that feeling. You have everything within it.

Some people have  kept a part of it secret, others  have made a wish list of how they would want it to be.  Some are of the notion that if thing were different ;maybe they would find that special person  or even  be in the circles of the elite. Interesting the people we use as a yard stick to measure this image; have their own defects .So why do we go through the pain? Is it just so you would please the world?

But more seriously, how many times have you wished to change something about you? Yea Yea  Yea… you have small boos, short legs, cat eyes , W shaped head and the list goes on.. SO WAT? Some are born thin, other full body but there is always something for everyone. The Thin have boldly embrace their art, so they flaunt it  on the runways . You seat and you think yours is not good, well I have news for you; there is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.  .If it makes you feel better , ask anyone who has change a part of their body, ask if it made them better people ,ask if they don’t live in fear of its side effects or if it gave them better standing ?Now listen  to the reasons they give and you will realize it is  ……….            (feel free to pick a word )

No matter what form your image takes, live it, enjoy it, communicate with it and love it. The Plus Sized women have also embraced their Art, so tell me when will  you?

My reflection had left me speechless .I stared at me and concluded .MY BEING/BODY IS BEAUTIFUL and SO IS YOURS. The uniqueness of each body is utterly stunning. Take a look at yourself,  it’s who you are. It is that which makes you different from the rest, it’s your power. Appreciate it every second because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

What is your definition of beauty? Find your definition, publicize it well and see if the world doesn’t buy it .

The first question I ask myself when something doesn’t seem to be beautiful is why do  I think it’s not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason. ~John Cage


What is the reality?
That death will come
It’s the uncertainty of when and how that frustrates humankind.
The surety of its existence is empirical.

Letting go of that person
Seeing life slip from underneath
Adrenaline rush sets in
In an instance, a thousand thoughts generate.

Reliving the past in a flip of a second
Questioning every action, decision and word.
In our seldom moment; we realize
That the very thing we needed to say, were left unsaid

We have life today
An excellent rescue to speak out
I do not know when but I do know now
So I would say
‘Thank you’, ‘I love you’,’ I will be here for you’ and ‘I’m sorry’